Jeans "designed" by tigers and lions

Step 1: Wrap nice new jeans around tires. Step 2: Throw it to the cats. Step 3: Sell the remains.

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  1. My cousin-in-law (or whatever) tried to market gangster jeans, shot full of bullet holes with his sideways 9mm. The spent casings were then somehow attached to the garment. I believe there was some graffiti, also.

    Don't believe he ever sold a pair but I'm not gonna go off half cocked underestimating stupid.

  2. I was making fun of my niece whose jeans appeared to be distressed with a fork or perhaps a cat claw.

    This turned into a comedy bit about a sweat shop utilizing cats to distress jeans.

    "Meow meow meow."

    "No you only work 8 hour. You have 2 more hour to work. No break for you! Bad kitty! You scratch jeans or no tuna for you!"

  3. nox says:

    Seems like a great way for zoos to raise a bit more funds while giving toys for the animals to play with.

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