Photos of rotting WWII sea-forts

Salim writes, "James Creedy hitched a ride with Project Red-Sands to take this set of photos from a these WWII era sea-forts."

They are gun platforms positioned on stilts in the shallow waters of the Solent. They've been abandoned and rusting since then and are very dangerous places to access and probably even more dangerous to go inside.

The Red Sands Forts (Thanks, Salim!)

Notable Replies

  1. I think one should make sure that you have a recent tetanus shot before even viewing the slideshow.

  2. Does anyone else think of Myst when they see this?

  3. Can some artsy fartsy type please explain why rotten old stuff is so wonderful to look at? Anything of the abandoned, haunted, bombed out variety of human habitation is just SO mesmerizing. Also, does my appreciation of such thing mean I'll fair any better than average in the post apocalypse?

  4. Of course! Low tide! smacks forehead Alas, I'm in Baltimore, MD, so there won't be a quick pop-down for rusty fort exploring for me. Ours are all stone and concrete. . .

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