Corpse under motel bed for 5 years

UPDATE: Duh! It was fake!

No tell motel

Police in Mount Laurel, New Jersey found a young woman's corpse under a motel bed and it reportedly had been there for at least five years. A guest discovered the body when searching for the TV remote.

“I clean that room every day. I noticed a smell several times, and told my manager,” hotel housekeeper Anita Rodriguez told Empire News. “He told me to just use extra Febreeze in the room and it would go away eventually. I always hated cleaning that room.”

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  1. mrmcd says:

    Judging by the other stories on that site, I'd guess it's parody.

  2. This story is fake, though there are some historical truths/precedents behind it...

  3. Errr.... yeah. You know how we make fun of all those other sites and politicians and what-not when they mistakenly thing The Onion is a real news source?

  4. Solution: futons. No room for corpses under a futon.

  5. The difference, of course, is that The Onion is (usually) making some attempt at humour, or actual satire. Neither of which seems to be present in this article.

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