Trump forced to endure merciless roasting as potential jurors mock him

Like most of us, Donald Trump has created a curated media bubble around himself in which he never has to hear how normal people feel about him. And he's surrounded 24/7 by yes men and sycophants. Club members, ass kissers, and shameless suck ups. 

But for the first time, maybe ever, Trump has to sit still and hear how profoundly people loathe him and make fun of him. As potential jurors are questioned, their social media accounts are plumbed for evidence of bias. This little piece in the Daily Beast really captures the great joy in knowing Trump just has to sit there and take it. 

These jokes ranged from the caustic to the crude. "I don't think this is what they meant by Orange is the New Black," read one post shared by a jury candidate's husband around 2016 and which featured a photo of Trump and Barack Obama.

"Trump invites the Thai boys to the White House, and the boys request to return to their cave," read a joke shared by another prospective juror, referring to the young soccer team rescued in Thailand in 2018.

"I'm dumb as fuck," an AI version of Trump said in one video shared by a prospective juror about two weeks ago. 

He'll almost certainly never truly be punished by the legal system for his myriad crimes, so we have to take our small victories where we can get them.