Tiny post office in a tree hole

The spirit of Boo Radley lives on in the hole of a tree growing in the hills above Berkeley, CA. Gareth says, "Lea Redmond, of Leaf Cutter Design and the World's Smallest Postal Service, did a photo illustration for Borg Like Me. She created a Lilliputian post office in a tree hole in the Berkeley Hills. She left it set up and it's still there 7 months later! People have not destroyed it; they've been ADDING to it and leaving mail for the fairies (it IS a post office, after all)."

A Tiny Treehouse Treasure in the Woods

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  1. JonS says:

    Charming smile

    I did a very simple version of this for my kids in the park behind our house several years ago. I spun a tale about Bruce the Tree Fairy who lived in a particular tree in the Town Belt, and suggested that should leave him a note. So they wrote a message, put it in a little plastic ziplock bag, and pinned it to the tree. That night - after the kids were in bed - I snuck up to the tree, retrieved and read their messages, then replaced them with tiny little notes with tiny little handwritten replys from Bruce. Over time more and more kids from the neighbourhood found out about Bruce, and started leaving him notes, and the whole thing went on for a couple of years. Unfortuntately the tree I chose was a white pine that was already pretty old, and eventually the council had to cut it down and remove it because it was next to a busy walking path and sportsfield.

    It's a pretty easy thing to do - all you need is a kid and a tree.

  2. Anything from Amy Reed? I've been waiting for a birthday party invitation forever...

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