Massive whale shark lashed to truck


A fisher in China's Fujian province hauling home his catch of the day, a giant whale shark that reportedly weighed two tons and was 16 feet long.

(ABC News)


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  1. Darn. I got to swim next to a couple of these... they are beautiful, peaceful creatures. Their spots glimmer like silver coins under the water.

  2. Sqarr says:

    The tail's sitting on the exposed engine's moving parts... The truck itself looks like one hell of a story.

    It's terrible to kill a whale shark. confused

  3. Raoul says:

    Christ - what an asshole.

  4. I wouldn't be against this if it was killed quickly and if whale sharks weren't vulnerable. I doubt it was killed quickly, though. Even if it was, IUCN says it's vulnerable.

    At least the whole thing was taken, I guess. I don't know if whale sharks are commonly finned and tossed back like other shark species are. That shit's unconscionable.

  5. It's urethane foam, right? Please tell me that's a prop.

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