Microsoft's 1994 home page


Microsoft has recreated its first home page, from 1994. From Microsoft's The Fire Hose blog:

In 1994, among the reasons Microsoft started a website was to put its growing Knowledge Base online. At the time, the company managed support forums for customers on CompuServe, one of the earliest major Internet dial-up service providers.

“We had started to build up a community there; people would answer questions for each other,” recalls Mark Ingalls, a Microsoft engineer in 1994 who would become’s first administrator. He was also the only website employee at that time, other than his boss. But the staff doubled early on, when Steve Heaney was hired to offer vacation relief, Ingalls says.

In terms of “Web design,” the notion, much less the phrase, didn’t really exist.

“There wasn’t much for authoring tools,” Ingalls says. “There was this thing called HTML that almost nobody knew.” Information that was submitted for the new website often came to Ingalls via 3-1/2-inch floppy disks.

“Steve Heaney and I put together PERL scripts that handled a lot of these daily publishing duties for us,” he says. “For a while, we ran the site like a newspaper, where we published content twice a day. And if you missed the cutoff for the publishing deadline, you didn’t get it published until the next running of the presses, or however you want to term it.”

Notable Replies

  1. Remember when Microsoft had so much potential? Pepperidge Farm remembers...

  2. Are you kidding? Teal was the car color of choice in 1994. Why not put it all over everything?

    Also, that's cyan, not teal. wink

  3. Nothing says 90's like a web page entitled "Welcome to this web page!"

  4. If you click through to the live page and then select Windows news it takes you to With an incorrect SSL certificate. Even 20 years later Microsoft still can't internet.

  5. woid says:

    "Send us your feeback"!!!

    People paying yearly dues for Windows or Office might want to say the same thing to Microsoft.

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