Windows XP 2024 Edition is the final boss of fantasy OSes

With Windows 11 not a hit and Windows 12 about to drop, AT 2789 thought it a perfect time to mock up what Windows XP would look like if it had been nurtured and maintained by a company unlike Microsoft. It's delightfully pure and pleasant and I love the the way it weds modern UX notes with 20-year-old designery. Especially that Eno Gets Paid subgenre of music. It's funny in direct proportion to how well you remember Windows XP and how dire it got as it ran like Wile E Coyote into the "everyone is connected to broadband internet and clicking on everything it shows them" void.

⚠️All designs like UI's, features and others in this concept belongs to me (AR 4789) this is NOT an actual/real OS or software, this is just a concept, so there is no ISO for this OS.⚠️

See also their MiracleOS, a utopian desktop environment untethered from Redmond's magnum opus. Previously.