Incase picks up Microsoft's discontinued range of keyboards, mice and other desktop gadgets

Microsoft used to make keyboards, mice and other desktop computer accessories, but called it quits last year. Incase, well-known for backpacks, computer bags and cases, is reviving the line.

"The products will be the same products, but instead of saying Microsoft they'll say Incase, designed by Microsoft," explains Onward Brands CEO Charlie Tebele in an interview with The Verge. Onward Brands is the parent company responsible for the Incase, Incipio, Griffin, and Survivor brands that make accessories for laptops and phones.

I liked Microsoft gadgets because they were high-quality, weren't greebly LED gamer toys like most everything else on the shelf, and had a plainer style than Logitech, whose premium gear tends to be overdesigned.

I wonder what sort of wrangling this took. Incase would have had to line up Microsoft, the manufacturers, all the patents and what-not (Apple is surely getting paid for anything touched that does not click) and its own operations.