How to beat airlines' excess baggage weight fee

Redditor stou says: "These two guys were flying to Singapore from Sydney and their carryon was over the 'free' weight limit so the airline, Scoot, wanted to charge them $130. Apparently when they started putting on the clothes the airline agent told them something along the lines of 'I am going to come to the gate and make sure you are still wearing everything.'"

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  1. If only I had taken pictures when I did this a few years back (I can't be the only one) I could be rolling in internet points.

  2. This is the kind of behavior I have come to expect from Australians.

  3. Omigosh the guy on the right is a superhero! You can tell because his undies are on the outside.

  4. That's an impressive collection of hats to bring on vacation. Chacun à son goût!

  5. Then the TSA agent asks you to take all but one layer off during screening, like they often do.

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