Yahoo will join Google's effort to offer encrypted email service


This week, Yahoo announced that it will join an effort by Google to launch an encrypted email system by 2015 to make it "mathematically impossible to hand over users’ messages to a court." Thank you, Edward Snowden.

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  1. esd says:

    I hate to pre-judge, but it will be very difficult to implement this is a way that is actually secure. If the government wants the contents of your encrypted email box they could order Google/Yahoo to backdoor the system to steal your password. It's happened before.

    But, hey, still better than nothing (I think).

  2. Don't let perfect be the enemy of better. Of course whoever has the keys to the kingdom gets in, but locking the door is better than leaving it open.

  3. Oh, but it won't happen this time. This time is different. Trust me.

  4. Is it? There's something nefarious about a false sense of security.

    1. We should push these companies to implement a canary specific to this coalmine.

    2. An eyes wide open perspective sees this as a gain against non-state attackers of intermediate sophistication. Which is a meaningful gain for millions of people. Helps me, but not Glenn Greenwald, who is using better tech anyway.

    3. This meaningfully changes what can be used in court in cases that aren't important enough for the NSA or the FBI to be involved. Again, a gain for many, but with crucial omissions.

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