Swastika "etched in butter" in McDonald's sandwich


A woman was "served up a side of hate", as ABC News 11 in Morehead City, NC has it. McDs reportedly fired the employee responsible.

This isn't McDonald's first swastika problem: three of its workers used a wire coathanger to brand a disabled man with the symbol after meeting him at a franchise; the company settled out of court in 2012.

Notable Replies

  1. In any ironic twist of fate, the symbol for the Fourth Reich would turn out to be the McDonald's Golden Arches.

  2. This just in...some of the people who work the most depressing, dead-end, underpaying jobs in America are angry and ignorant...

  3. About what I was going to say. Not so much a "side of hate" as a "side of bored teenage employee indifference." Which is the more likely scenario here?

    A: "With butter, I shall subconsciously spread the message of racial purity!"
    B: "Dude, that is the 10th lady who is totally going to eat that Nazi-symbol thing I put on her sandwich." fist bumps over basket of frozen fries

  4. You don't even know how many times it was a cock instead of a swastika. The MSM won't tell you about the cocks. What are they hiding?

  5. I call fake....no way that was butter.

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