The bacon press, or how my OCD expresses at breakfast

Bacon Press

As I require my bacon crispy and perfectly flat, this bacon press is one of the best Hanukkah gifts I ever received!

The round Norpro bacon press fits my cast iron frying pan perfectly. I heat them both to medium high and use thick cut bacon. The press helps apply heat from both sides and the bacon cooks very evenly. I turn the bacon once or twice during the cooking process, removing when it looks perfect to me.

This simple kitchen tool makes a big difference.

Norpro Cast Iron Round Bacon Grill Press

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  1. What didn't you like about it when you tried it?

  2. Give a (OCD) boy a bacon press and all the breakfast meat must be flat.

  3. Attempting to make "perfectly flat" bacon.

    I hope you're happy.

    ps- for the kitchen minimalists, I'm pressing the bacon in a cast iron pan with a slightly smaller cast iron pan pressing on top. yes I do have a square bacon press given to me by dear mum, but let's not joke about that.

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