Jim – A collection of Jim Woodring’s non-Frank comics work, starring “Jim”

The inimitable cartoonist and toy designer, Jim Woodring, is best known for his wordless comic books about Frank, a funny animal who lives in the Unifactor, an imaginary world filled with Hindu symbolism and nightmarish creatures that are beyond good and evil.

Jim is an anthology of Woodring’s earlier, lesser known work about Woodring’s alter-ego character, who has trouble discerning reality from his frequent hallucinations (which look like they have crossed over from the Unifactor).

Ever since he was young, Woodring has been visited by “apparitions,” which he depicts in these feverdream-like comic stories. Woodring’s great talent, apart from his beautiful artwork, is his ability to make these absurd and almost nonsensical stories enthralling. Others have tried to incorporate dream logic into their work, but Woodring is the best.

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Jim, by Jim Woodring

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  1. Oh God, that is beautiful.

    I don't usually buy hardcover comics -- I prefer a format that can go in a backpack and get knocked around a bit -- but this might be one of those times I have to make an exception.

  2. Another "Wink" book. You guys really do have an eye for the good stuff. wink

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