DIY inventor creates sand-powered animatronic figures

You might call him The Sandman. Video link via Robert Popper, who has just enough of a backstory to weird you out even more.

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  1. Oh those guys are wonderful, and not creepy in the least. Why do internet people think it's cool to declare things "terrifying" when they're perfectly pedestrian? And his little poem in the beginning - I kept expecting it to be awful, but he really delivered it. 10/10.

  2. I think they can be both, but creepy is a bit subjective.
    For me, the spasmodic movements, the off-kilter blinking and the slowly flapping jaws combined neatly with the dissonant nursery music to remind me of a few dozen bad horror movies. But terrifying? Not even close.

    And damned clever, too. There's not much sand going in, so whatever mechanisms are inside are really well balanced.

    Yep. Totally owned his material. Great stuff.

  3. Here's the creepy part: that is not sand, it is ashes that convey the dearly departed's spirit into the figure. There is no clever mechanism -- it is just spirit energy.

  4. The Cure have really let themselves go.

  5. Bobo says:

    Yup. I found them a bit creepy as well. The sort of twitching eyelids that made me think "neurological problem" etc...

    But, I wouldn't mind sitting with Delroy for some time and talking to him simply to hear his wonderful voice!

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