Study: Qatar-hosted world cup to be dangerously hot for spectators

The 2022 soccer World Cup taking place in the 106° heat of the Qatari summer is already a baking examplar of FIFA's corruption; a new study suggests heat stress will make it physically dangerous even for spectators.

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  1. I'm kind of more worried about the workers building the stadium than the potential spectators.

  2. Not to worry, a debt-slave will be suspended above each spectator to provide inexpensive shade.

  3. daneel says:

    Study: FIFA laughing all the way to the bank; don't give a shit.

  4. dobby says:

    To get a handle of the economy just remember that Qatar has a 5:1 (1.5M/300K) guest worker/slave to citizen ratio. Qatar is an example of what happens when a group of people get more money than they know what to do, and then they figure out what to do with it.
    This is why IMHO, like all news, the Al Jazeera news network should be taken with as much salt as the western state or business backed news networks.
    It doesn't help that too much of the philanthropy ends up supporting very off the wall Suni extremism outside Qatar.
    Not to mention the escaped guest worker(slave) laws and right to block worker exit from Qatar.

  5. I don't understand why Qatar has (or seems to have) its foreign policy fingers in certain pies. I recall reading that the Islamists in the Malian rebellion were supported by Qatar, though that was in one news article and I haven't since seen that assertion. Now, over the weekend, there was a battle at the airport in Tripoli; the anti-Islamists are supposedly helped by the UAE and Egypt while the Islamists are backed by Qatar.

    If Qatar is doing this, I don't get it. They don't maintain that kind of fundamentalism at home so I can't understand why they'd support it elsewhere. Maybe it has nothing to do with the philosophy and it's a means to some other end -- but what, and why?

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