Procrastination may be about anticipating emotional optimums, not time management

The Procrastination Doom Loop occurs because "(1) We're think we're in the wrong mood to complete a task, and (2) We assume that our mood will change in the near future, which will help us complete the task," but of course it doesn't.

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  1. I was gonna comment on this thread but... I'll do it later.

  2. The Procrastination Doom Loop

    Entered into my database of great roller coaster names.

  3. People get on and then sit there, while the ride attendant keeps telling them it's about to start.

  4. Commenting on web articles is a big procrastination technique for me. Probably for others too. If procrastination is about waiting for a better mood, it's not surprising that many internet commentators seem to be in bad moods.

  5. Why does it feel like they studied this topic instead of what they were supposed to be studying?

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