LISTEN: Radioactive watches, love gloves, iPhone 6, keyboard wrist pad

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By Mark Frauenfelder

We are giving away a Kisai Radioactive LED watch from Tokyoflash Japan! (see photo above) To enter, review the Gadgets podcast on iTunes then send an email to to let us know that you did. Deadline is September 3 at Noon PT. (If you've already entered a previous giveaway, you are also running for this giveaway and subsequent giveaways.)

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In this episode Xeni talks about upcoming tech from Apple, including the larger-display iPhone 6. And Mark discusses your repair options for a cracked tablet or smart phone screen.

Mark's picks:

padGrifiti Slim Wrist Pad ($10) My wrists rest on this rubber pad while I use my keyboard. I’ve had one for years, and after it fell apart, I bought a new one. They improved it.

Love Glove ($6) With three cats in the house, fur gets all over our furniture and clothes. I bought a Love Glove to attack the problem at its source – on the cats.

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Published 4:00 am Thu, Aug 28, 2014

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