The Love Glove

With three cats in the house, fur gets all over our furniture and clothes. I didn’t want to make a dozen Monkey Couch Guardians, so I bought a Love Glove to attack the problem at its source – on the cats.

The Love Glove looks like an oven mitt. The palm side is covered with rubber nubs. To use it, you simply pet your cat. The loose fur comes off and sticks to the glove. It’s easy to peel off. My cats go into throes of ecstasy when I use the Love Glove on them. They even get excited just seeing me approach them with the glove on my hand.

I have collected a lot of fur so far. My younger daughter is saving it because she to make the projects in Crafting with Cat Hair: Cute Handicrafts to Make with Your Cat. -- Mark

Love Glove Grooming Mitt for Cats $6

Notable Replies

  1. That is not what I expected The Love Glove to be.

  2. Grooming your cat is a losing battle. Why bother?

  3. llaen says:

    Aaaand it's $16.29 if you're in Canada. Rats!

  4. Because the more loose fur you groom off them, the less they groom off and then regurgitate. Yes, hairballs are part of the price we choose to pay for keeping cats, but reducing their frequency makes everyone more comfortable.

    Besides, half the reason we keep animals larger than guinea pigs in the first place is to exchange grooming behavior with them. Fuzzy tranquilizers.

  5. Geth says:

    Despite the sexy name, and strangely sexy tone of this article, it really does work well.

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