IBM's corporate songbook from 1937


Paint the clouds with sunshine, and worship Thomas Wilson, head and soul of our splendid IBM.

We don't pretend we're gay.
We always feel that way,
Because we're filling the world with sunshine.
With I.B.M. machines,
We've got the finest means, For brightly painting the clouds with sunshine.

—from "Painting the Clouds with Sunshine"

Tripping through IBM’s astonishingly insane 1937 corporate songbook [Ars Technica]

Notable Replies

  1. Maybe this is what's wrong with corporate America today. Not enough rhymes. Everything else flows from this.

  2. ugh says:

    This is even more disturbing when one considers that, when these songs were written, IBM was selling tabulating machines to the Nazis for the Holocaust.

  3. Thomas Wilson?? Hardly ... try Thomas Watson.

  4. No, it's actually frightening in real life: an accountant with real authority.

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