Apple investigating iCloud "hack"

"We take user privacy very seriously," a spokeswoman told Arik Hesseldahl.

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  1. Store your documents on some corporation's servers. What could possibly go wrong?

  2. Sure, ostensibly-private stuff on the internet always stands a chance of being made public, but that smacks of victim-blaming a bit in this context. Pundits have been saying they were asking for it (taking their cues from Fox) or that we need tougher punishments for e-thievery/hacking/whatever.

    Both of those ideas seem dumb. The troubling issue here, to my mind, is that many people apparently find it acceptable—a moral imperative, even—to make arbitrary proclamations about how other adults should appear in their own photographs.

    ... eff that noise.

  3. I've been trusting the security of my documents (and other things) to a corporation's products for quite some time, well before cloud-based storage became common. They're called "locks" and they're on my "door" and if someone "picks" the "locks", it's called a "crime" and I'm commonly understood not to be at fault.

  4. I don't know what you're trying to communicate.

    You think an otherwise-alright person commits an immoral act by privately sharing nude/carefree/sexual imagery of themselves with the recipients' permission?

    I dislike puritanical body-aversion (i.e. the social norms which make "it threatens their careers" and "they'd be out of work if they weren't celebrities" truthful statements).

    I'm not even a naturist! It's simply ridiculously-haughty and juvenile to be bothered by other people's records of their own bodies and sexuality, especially if said records were reasonably private.

    And yeah, I think there is a reasonable expectation that certain stuff on servers is private (whether they're deemed "cloudy" or not). At the very least it's not public in the sense that, say, a sidewalk or public square is. To make this explicit: a couple trading/storing sexual images of themselves in private only to have those images later made public against their will != a couple screwing on a public bench or streaking through town or whatever.

    I'm fine with people distributing their nudity/sexiness/etc over the internet. It doesn't strike me as within the proper realm of concern assuming the parties involved are consenting and not doing criminal stuff.

  5. How you got there, from what he said, is not something i comprehend.

    Did you bring something in with you, perhaps?

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