Firewatch, a mysterious game about a secluded fire lookout in Wyoming

The premise: Henry can't escape his emotional troubles simply by taking a job in the wilderness, and worse trouble's in store when he goes exploring. I'm digging the golden-hour palette of this one, announced this weekend at PAX Prime.
Chloi Rad:
As evidenced in the trailer, Henry is an anxious man, who has recently let the dangers of his job and tensions in his relationship with Delilah wear him down. When Delilah advises Henry to remain in the tower, he does not cooperate, instead letting "something strange" draw him out to the mysterious wild below. According to the developers at Campo Santo (composed of talent from Double Fine, Telltale, and 2K Marin), Henry's experience in the woods will have the player "facing questions and making interpersonal choices," the exact nature of which have yet to be revealed.