Gorgeous photos from the recent Afropunk fest in NYC by photographer Driely S.


C-heads Magazine has a 2-part photo essay from the recent Afropunk music festival in NYC, "rad impressions shot by Brazilian origin but NYC based photographer Driely S."

Holy crap, this looks like it must have been the most amazing event--so much incredible style all in one place.

Here is part one, and here is part two.








All photos by Driely S.

Notable Replies

  1. adonai says:

    That fifth picture with the back art is amazing.

  2. Where on Earth does one get Weekly World News shorts? With classic Clinton headlines, even.

  3. I've been going to this for the last few years. I took my girlfriend for the first time this year and she was amazed at how stylish everyone was. She kept saying, "This place has swag!"

  4. I do believe that those are National Enquirer shorts -- I'm not sure if the Weekly World News ever graduated to color.

  5. It did in my apartment. Colored by hand with the finest locally-sourced magic markers.

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