Police chief decapitates boy's pet chicken

chickenThe West Central Tribune reports: "An Atwater, MN woman has filed a formal complaint against the Atwater Police Chief for trespassing on her property and killing her young son’s pet chicken – leaving the hen’s decapitated head just feet from the backyard chicken coop."

“The chicken was like a puppy dog to my son,” said Ashley Turnbull.

Police Chief Trevor Berger "clubbed, killed and decapitated a small, red hen with a shovel."

“It’s against city ordinance for a chicken to be in the city and running around in people’s yards,” said Chief Berger.

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Notable Replies

  1. Chicken out of place.

    Regular citizen: "Hey, your chicken is out of place, would you please move it inside?"
    Likely outcome: chicken is inside pen.

    Aggressive citizen: "Here, I picked your chicken and through it back into your yard."
    Outcome: chicken is inside pen/yard.

    Cop: "I clubbed your chicken to death and decapitated it. This will teach you a lesson."
    Outcome: Chicken is dead and decapitated, still outside of pen. We have learned that the cop is a sadistic chicken killer.

  2. I suppose, at some level, it's better the police chief did his chicken killing while the family was away.

    He could have called in a SWAT team to serve a warrant and let the adult family members spend some time face-down in handcuffs with AR-15s pointed at them while the kids listened to shotgun blasts in the back yard as the rest of the SWAT team killed the illegal poultry.

  3. I believe it is to be shot. As was recently shown in a different city.

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