Pornographic Adventure Time parody

Pornographic video company Woodrocket announced a comedy web series called Sexy! Fun! Yes!.

The first episode features an Adventure Time theme and will be available on September 8th.

Notable Replies

  1. I agree that it is not ideal to mix explicit sexual content and media intended for families. However an indictment of all pornography I think is too broad a claim.

    There is a growing amount of sex-positive pornography now being produced. Porn is not fundamentally harmful so long as safe-sex and consent are intrinsic to the way it is produced and presented.

    It is true that some, perhaps even a majority of porn, is produced and presented in a way which is harmful to women (and men). However I don't think that situation is going to be improved by a by a blanket rejection of pornography. Promoting safe, consensual practices in the way pornography is made is going to yield a better outcome.

  2. Apparently adults having sexiness in the theme of a show many adults watch, from the perspective of being an adult is kiddie porn? And all sexiness is "harmful to woman," for a given value of defining "harmful", and possibly "women"? Also, Boingboing is going to hell because in the old days there was no sex, just snow and an endless upwardly-spiraling treadmill of "Get off my lawn!", and we liked it.

    I get why someone might react negatively to this, but it seems to be more of a taste issue than a "You have betrayed us and spit upon us!" kind of thing.

  3. This stands in the august tradition of Alice in Wonderland. Your personal preferences notwithstanding, some people just can't wait to see Princess Bubblegum doin' the nasty. Not saying who. Just... yknow, some people.

  4. I didn't notice, I was too busy wondering how it was possible for an Ice King to be so hot.

  5. You know, I'm beginning to think that the question shouldn't necessarily, "Why don't we teach men to not rape?" because I have to tell you, even as a 39-year-old, I know I got bombarded by that message a lot. Rather, I think the message ought to be, "Why don't we teach kids about sex?" Porn, though it can be entertaining, is a horrible instructor. I mean, if that was my instructor, I just spit on her genitals and just sorta bang away and she screams like it's the best orgasm ever, right? (What's with the constant sucking air through the teeth, anyway?)

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