Getty images sues Microsoft over image embedding tool

A lawsuit was filed in federal court Thursday over the Bing Image Widget, which lets you embed image search results--thumbnails!--in your own website.

Here's an example:

Notable Replies

  1. It's not just thumbnails, it can also embed a slideshow of larger images, loaded directly the the website that hosts the original images.

  2. Does one say yahboosux to Getty, for their tirelessly intimidating campaigns to extract money from careless small businesses, or to Microsoft, for, well, being Microsoft?

  3. I saw an elegant extrajudicial solution. Serve a different image if a HTTP referrer indicates the request comes from a site that pilfers your bandwidth this way. Can be a simple your-request-is-denied image, or porn, or something that goes directly against the values of the offending site.

    By embedding a third-party object, you are exposing yourself to the third party's pranks.

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