The animated GIF photography of Julien Douvier


"Cinematographs," gently animated GIFs by photographer Julien Douvier. Mesmerizing.

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[via Asylum Art]

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  1. Just about a zoetrope-strip's worth of movement in most of those, if one wanted a physical artifact to display it.

  2. Not all film loops have one subtle bit of movement on an otherwise still frame and exactly seamless start and end points. The words exists for a reason.

  3. miasm says:

    @xpez's comment is particularly vexing as Cinematographs unquestionably are a part of film history. It's just that these types of animated GIF are called Cinemagraphs. Doubly vexing!

    Throwing around the word 'idiot' rather freely as well. LOL

  4. Cinemagraph may be a derivative word and easily confused with the existing Cinematograph (as we've just experienced), but it is the word that caught on to mean this very specific style of 'film loop or animated gif'. It serves a purpose.

    I happen to work on filmmaking for a living and did study film and know what cinematographs are, same as you.

    Maybe you didn't notice the difference or simply hate the term for whatever reason, and that's fine, but calling anyone ignorant of film history for using a word you dislike (not even getting into 'idiot') reflects badly on you, not on them.

  5. Good Lord! [Hugh Laurie as Bertie Wooster]. What are you going on about? You do realize that word meanings change over time. They've been doing so since words.

    I can only imagine you a hundred years ago writing a letter to the editor complaining about the word cinematography being used in the motion pictures... "CINEMA - form of kinema (movement). GRAPH - to scratch, to scrape, to graze. cinematograph - scrape movement, graze movement, etc. = to stub one's toe. STUPID MOVIE INDUSTRY"

    Anywayz, as the self-proclaimed mediator, I propose using the word... cinematogify

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