How to recycle old milk jugs and bottle caps into colorful plastic bricks


Peter Brown grinds up plastic jugs and bottle caps in a blender, then melts them into bricks. He uses the bricks as stock to turn on his lathe. I want to make one just to admire it.

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  1. 1) Make into full-size Lego-style bricks.
    2) Use bricks to make a house.
    3) Sell house to Lego enthusiast
    4) Profit!

  2. Finally, an affordable source of colorful plastic bricks.

  3. daneel says:

    Does he turn jugs and caps out of the bricks?

  4. Wasn't there a kids-play-with-Plastics! type toy a few decades ago? You could form blocks and make simple cars and things? Super low tech proto MakerBot. Sort of e-z-bake oven? I can also vaguely recall a similar technique for making ornaments: a metal outline of a snowflake or angel, you are given several colors of ground plastics, fill in spaces n bake in Mom's oven.

    This would be a fun project, but a couple questions:

    • does the HDPE give off or outgas something nasty when heated to 350? how about 375? mb a spot gets to 425 in my dinky garage sale toaster oven. Will it kill me quicker than ________ (favorite poison)?

    • a milk jug is obviously food-safe, what about my orange detergent bottle?

    • if you make a sheet of it, can you mold it over things a bit like vacuforming? mb make bowls or pots things for the garden?

    • how does it turn since it is a loose-ish aggregate? might break apart along irregular sized granular fault lines?

    Turning jugs and caps would be so meta. dude

  5. This one uses parafin wax:

    Loved that thing

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