Map of human excrement in San Francisco

poopsf Human Wasteland (via)
Here are some great articles you can read that address the problem of homelessness and lack of resources for the homeless in San Francisco: SF Weekly: Occupied: San Francisco: Understanding the City Through its Toilets. The Bold Italic: San Francisco's Poop Problem is Serious The SF Chronicle: A Decade of Homelessness: Thousands in SF remain in Crisis And please consider donating to lava mae, a service that provides mobile showers and toilets to the homeless.

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  1. dacree says:

    If you go to the interactive map and zoom out it looks like a shitstorm originating in SF is growing to engulf all of SoCal.

    So it's pretty accurate.

  2. How do they know they're not double-counting? What if you tag a poo and then it gets up and moves to a new location?

  3. Paint it Pink?

  4. There's an ex-wife joke in there, I'm sure of it.

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