Online anti-harassment task force launched

Zoe Quinn, a game developer frequently targeted by Gamergate and other internet trolls, launched Crash Override, an anti-harassment site that will help victims get in touch with law enforcement, legal/threat monitoring and counseling services. Quinn and Lifschitz, who are currently funding the initiative themselves, hope that Crash Override will fill an important gap for people targeted by online abuse. As Quinn knows first-hand, it’s often difficult to find good advice about how to protect yourself from online harassment or know where to turn, especially when the responses from both Internet platforms and law enforcement tend to be either inadequate or nonexistent.

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  1. I'm going to admit it, I honestly had no idea what #NotYourShield was about. If a woman or a person of colour posted something with #NotYourShield... did that mean that people who were not part of gamergate were trying to use that person as a shield? It just doesn't quite make sense to me. I think there's a gamergate-specific view of the world baked into that one.

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