Online anti-harassment task force launched

Zoe Quinn, a game developer frequently targeted by Gamergate and other internet trolls, launched Crash Override, an anti-harassment site that will help victims get in touch with law enforcement, legal/threat monitoring and counseling services. Quinn and Lifschitz, who are currently funding the initiative themselves, hope that Crash Override will fill an important gap for people targeted by online abuse. As Quinn knows first-hand, it’s often difficult to find good advice about how to protect yourself from online harassment or know where to turn, especially when the responses from both Internet platforms and law enforcement tend to be either inadequate or nonexistent.

Notable Replies

  1. Oh for fuck's sake, they are ALL trolls. The ENTIRE point of gamergate is to disparage women. If you don't want to be associated with misogynist trolls, then don't align yourself with misogynistic troll campaigns. Easy fucking peasy.

    This is seriously NOT my problem. This is YOUR problem and YOUR fault.

    Hang out with a better class of people next time. Take responsibility for your shitty alignments and past sexist points of view.

    And yup! There are sexist and misogynistic women. That's nothing new. Try again.

    Just because you claim something isn't misogynistic doesn't make it so. I've seen the evidence.

    THE ENTIRE FUCKING POINT OF GAMERGATE was to shit on one woman, and it's grown from there. You're utterly delusional if you think otherwise. I mean, even you say you aren't part of gamergate anymore. I WONDER WHY.

  2. Wrong order. The entire point was to attack minorities; criticizing actual corruption was a red herring. Sorry, but if you ever thought #Gamergate was an honest movement, you were fooled. I'm trying to give you the benefit of a doubt here, because the degree of central coordination of #Gamergate has been covered extensively.

  3. When I encounter a @marilove post that rubs me the wrong way, I follow this flowchart

    1. Is she wrong?
    2. ???
    3. No.
    4. Profittt!!!

    If we voted for a spirit avatar for Mari on the BBS, I'd vote Walter.

    I see her contributions as far more valuable for being accurate, not whether they are blasé enough.

  4. I'd like to strongly second these things.

    So here we have this movement that from the first was built around trying to silence feminists and critics. That even in Doc's gently rephrased goals wants to get rid of the voices of "SJWs" and anyone who criticizes them for misogyny, and from all evidence has concerned itself with nothing beyond harassing and threatening such people. That as pointed out is being recognized as a hate group.

    So who do the posters here find to criticize? Why obviously, it should be the woman who somehow doesn't want to reach out to this group. If she really cared, she should be trying to teach them her view. The dudes manage to discuss harassment of women with calm indifference, she should have to do the same, and instead she's all angry and emotional for some reason.

    Derailing Using Education
    Derailing Using Anger
    Derailing Using Emotion

    Usually you also see derailing using retaliation - where people interrupt the conversation to yawn and complain that there's only so much people can worry about, and can anybody really say this hate group is productive for us to focus on?

    Yet I never see that yawn when I argue about things like the definition of planets or infinite sets. Probably the most angry and unpersuasive debates here are on gun control, but there the same people are often happy to engage; shaddack's even brought up the critical issue of folding knife rights. No, the yawn of unimportance seems to be reserved for issues affecting minorities.

    And hey, we haven't been focusing much on that here. We've been talking about the gamergaters themselves, how everyone should be more understanding and stop judging them based on what the evidence shows the movement to be. So I guess now it's worth our concern, not like when we were talking about the women they were driving off-line and from their homes.

    I guess it's written to sound reasonable in small doses, but taken as a whole it's all plainly textbook tactics to dismiss minority concerns. It's directly opposed to the pretended goal of building bridges, it's nasty, and it's really disappointing to see here. I really wish people could figure things out and stop doing it.

  5. You know, the more I think about your little "you're privileged comment", the more I realize I should have addressed that earlier.

    I know what it's like to be a lonely, unliked, bullied nerd. I grew up in the middle of the desert. My kindergarten thru 8th grade school had 200 students max; my 8th grade class alone only had 13.

    I was HEAVILY bullied. I even had a really terrible nickname for over nine years that I won't share here. My other nicknames were "The Bookworm" -- and also "The Twin" (I have a twin sister). I was almost never called by my first name, even though I hated all the other nicknames (except "the bookworm", that one was okay). I had almost no friends for most of my time at that school.

    My dad, a big ol' nerd himself, got us online in the BBS days. I spent my entire time on the computer -- during a time when that was REALLY FUCKING WEIRD.

    High school wasn't much better. I still didn't fit in, even though the school was a tiny bit bigger and there was some new people. I had some friends but I wasn't really that close to anyone. I was still often called "the twin" or just completely ignored. I was basically invisible.

    As soon as I could, I got a part-time job that also gave me school credit, and took off after lunch to work.

    I continued to spend a LOT of time online (I discovered IRC, and it was over).

    I KNOW what it's like to be a lonely, unloved, unliked nerd who does not fit in.

    And on top of all that? I was an out atheist and queer.

    Am I privileged? OF course I am. I'm white and I grew up lower middle class -- not rich or even well off, but never wanting for much. My family is nuts in a lot of ways, but also very close. I'm very lucky.

    But I have never "fit in". I've always been the odd ball of my family. I'm the atheist queer nerdy girl who ran away to Phoenix as soon as she fucking could.

    And somehow, after all that shit, I have never felt the need to join a FUCKING HATE GROUP to "fit in".

    Anyone who must joinn a HATE GROUP to fit in is not a good person.

    Gamergate is not about anything other than harassing women. Period.

    I don't really care if you think of me (although I don't think you really know me as well as you think you do).

    But I do think you're a condescending ass who is defending a LITERAL hate group.

    Also: Stop tone trolling me, and stop commenting on my (admittedly lazy) use of all caps. Respond to my arguments, not my tone or style of writing. Tone trolling is not cute. It's a major derailment. Note how I've mostly ignored your boring, trite tone trolling? Yeah. It's lazier than my all caps use!

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