Cops have killed way more Americans in America than terrorists have


Police have killed more Americans on U.S. soil since the year 2000 than the Islamist terrorists.

At Vox, Anand Katakam created an interactive map with data from Fatal Encounters, a nonprofit working to build a national database of police killings. This database, and the map Vox created, shows that US police have killed at least 5,600 people since the year 2000. That's many more than have died in terrorist attacks on American soil.

A huge majority of the more than 5,600 deaths on the map are from gunshots, which is hardly surprising given that guns are so deadly compared to other tools used by police. There are also a lot of noticeable fatalities from vehicle crashes, stun guns, and asphyxiations. In some cases, people died from stab wounds, medical emergencies, and what's called "suicide by cop," when someone commits suicide by baiting a police officer into using deadly force.

Here's a full-page view of the interactive map.

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  1. So no one in any of the buildings on 9/11 were criminals? I find that hard to believe.

    The apparent fact that "innocent until proven guilty" is no longer part of our legal code is equally hard to believe.

  2. What part of "innocent until proven guilty" did you fail to comprehend?

    Every single person killed by cops did NOT get their day in court.

  3. Strangely, in other countries cops don't kill people, irrespective of whether they may or may not be innocent. As an US American you may be surprised to find that there are other ways to deal with the guilty and those other ways appear to be more effective--i.e. cause less social damage and also help reduce violence…

    Also very conveniently for the cops once the suspect is dead it's unlikely we will ever know whether they may have been or may not have been innocent. Dead people don't have a right to a trial, being judged by your peers and all.

    just some thoughts

  4. I'm sure at least some of the people killed in 9/11 were guilty of some kind of crime. But that's not really the point. The point is that American law enforcement uses lethal force on a horrifyingly regular basis and we've somehow been convinced to accept it as the norm.

    Know how many people were fatally shot by police in England and Wales in 2013? Zero. This was a welcome drop from the previous year, when two people were shot dead by police. 2013 was also the year when Iceland grieved for the very first person shot to death by its police force since the country became an independent republic in 1944.

  5. And while hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars flowed into "homeland defense" boondoggles like pornoscanners. when it comes to an evidence-backed life-saving technology like police body-cameras, suddenly there's no money or development. Departments are struggling to come up with funds for cameras, and have no clue how to store and process and secure all the video data, meanwhile they are being gifted armored military assault vehicles because the pentagon has so many it doesn't know what to do with them all.

    Police body-cameras would save more lives than police military-assault vehicles (both police and civilian lives). But that's not where our priorities apparently lie.

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