Ian McKellen delivers impromptu Shakespeare soliloquy at award show


Many actors have delivered memorable moments in acceptance speeches, but few of them involved performing Shakespearean soliloquies.

But Sir Ian McKellen decided to turn to the Bard at this year’s TrevorLIVE New York, an annual event celebrating the Trevor Project. After being presented with the 2015 Trevor Project Hero Award for his activism in the LGBT community, McKellen delivered a moving acceptance speech in which he explained, “There are dark corners where it's not easy to be yourself. And anyone who’s ever been though the painful, but in the end glorious, experience of coming out – because it’s the best thing you ever do – can sympathize with people in that situation.”

But then the thespian put down his mic, walked out into the audience, and proceeded to perform a soliloquy from Sir Thomas More in which the title character rebukes rioters who are lashing out at foreign asylum seekers.

It’s probably the most Ian McKellen thing Ian McKellen has ever done. You can watch the fantastic performance right here.

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Notable Replies

  1. Shakespeare did not write Sir Thomas More.

  2. There seems to be some evidence that he had a hand in it:

  3. Possible substitutes, which should not be accepted:

    Ian MacAllan: a whisky of similar age to the actor, but without the wit. Also, a bottle of scotch.

    Ian McCullen: a 700 year old vampire who hangs out in British high schools creeping on teenagers.

    Ian McKellog: a Brit with an unhealthy fascination on using diet to suppress natural sexual development.

  4. The Selah might not count, it's not really a word. But I also think that word-game is nonsense. There's probably bacon in there as well, somewhere.

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