Ode to monster truck rally commercials

I've never been to a monster truck rally, however I feel their commercials are a truly a specialized, and under-appreciated art form! Please join me in enjoying these few, fine examples.

MADISON SQUARE GARDEN FILLED WITH MUD! This commercial, one of the earlier I can find, shows a calmer more sedate rally. Less reliant on pyrotechnics and sheerly terrifying Thunderdome-like performances, these were more about man and his insane machines.

Good god! The escalation over two decades! America now needs to be entertained with fire and danger, not just awesome engineering. Everything becomes corrupted. Probably the Millennials. San Francisco is too expensive.

I can only imagine the commercials were fantastically better than the actual events, but the music, language and visual artistry of a monster truck rally commercial are not only iconic, they combine to in such a way where the sum is far greater than the parts making something so perfect that even the best parodies are merely an homage.

Would that I could create such art.

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  1. They might surprise you. My first wife and I attended one back in 1995 or so (at her request), and we both had a hell of a good time. Nice to see that Gravedigger still can't help flipping over.

  2. jlw says:


  3. Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Ten bucks buys you the whole seat, but you'll only need the edge!!

  4. Genosian Separatist Hot Pod Summer Championship!

    Force MAD! Somebody's gonna get f****d UP!

  5. dacree says:

    Oh man. Here in Texas the best monster truck commercials were in Spanish. Univision still has the best broadcast signal around

    Cinco camiones cuatro pesos. Sábado gigante y Domingo Domingo Domingo

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