Pregnant woman to have dolphin as midwife



Dorina Rosin, a "spiritual healer," plans to give birth in the sea with the aid of dolphins. Among other benefits, Rosin and partner Maika Suneagle believe that their baby will speak dolphin.

"In 2011 and 2014 I had the privilege to learn from and with wild and free dolphins and Humpback whales in Hawaii who transformed and healed me in a very profound way," Rosin wrote. "I felt deeply called to spend two times three months in nature – mostly by myself – and to deeply connect to this magical place of beauty and transformation inside and outside which called me home."

"Pregnant Woman Plans On Having ‘Dolphin-Assisted’ Water Birth In Ocean" (CBS Local)

Below, a video posted several years ago of a different woman delivering a child underwater in the presence of a dolphin.

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  1. Or, you know, bat your baby round with their tails then eat it...

  2. kpkpkp says:

    A couple months from now we'll have an answer to the never before asked
    "What do dolphins and dingoes have in common?"

  3. I don't know exactly how smart dolphins are, but I now know of at least two people they're smarter than.

  4. Seki says:

    Shit. Now I wish I would have thought of giving birth in a cave surrounded by bats as they bestowed their magickal BAT powers to my child. Nana nana nana nana na...

  5. My kids were born in a hospital, so I guess that means they should have doctor powers.

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