Poll: 71% believe mass shootings are now just a normal part of American life

FBI and police are seen around a vehicle in which two shooters were killed following a mass shooting in San Bernardino. REUTERS/Mike Blake

A new national NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll found that a whopping 71% of Americans surveyed believe the many shootings and other acts of mass violence in we've seen in 2015 are now a permanent part of life in our country.

That's compared with just 21 percent of Americans who think the violence this year -- from Charleston, S.C., and Oregon, to the terrorist shootings in San Bernardino, Calif. -- has been unusual and won't happen as often in the future.

The NBC/WSJ poll also finds 29 percent of Americans saying they're either "very" or "fairly" worried that they or a loved one will be the victim of a terrorist attack -- up from the 28 percent who said this in Sept. 2001 after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Seventy percent, however, say they're not worried or are only slightly worried about this happening.

By comparison, 32 percent say they're worried that they or a loved one will be the victim of gun violence, versus 67 percent who aren't as worried.

Worth noting: Small sample size, and this is news, not science.

The NBC/WSJ poll was conducted Dec. 6-9 of 1,000 adults (nearly 400 reached by cell phone), and it has an overall margin of error of plus-minus 3.1 percentage points.

"Poll: 71% Say Shooting Violence Now Normal Part of American Life" [nbcnews]

Notable Replies

  1. Opinion polls on this is more or less WORTHLESS. Perception, especially crime, is rarely based on statistics and fact, but anecdotal data and feelings.

    PERCEIVED risk and ACTUAL risk is also usually horribly skewed.

  2. What I gathered from this particular post was less that it was about collecting statistics and more about morale in the united states and how people feel about the place they live in.

    It's really really sad that people feel like it's NORMAL for these mass shootings to be a thing. And apparently quite a few of them feel like it's normal. That, to me, felt like what this was supposed to be stating.

  3. Approximately 4% of Americans have a severe mental illness.

    And approximately 4% of murders are committed by people with a severe mental illness.

    The "stop mass shootings by fixing mental health" thing is just a distraction.

    Pretty much every other country in the world has a "real solution" to reduce gun violence, and that "real solution" is gun control. It's proven to be effective, regardless of any rhetoric otherwise.

  4. enso says:

    Well, it isn't like we've tried it.

  5. Turns out we're a lot more familiar with the processes that create firearms than we are the processes that create murderous psychopaths, and thus are a lot closer to a workable solution. Maybe let's try that one first?

    Gun rights, IMHO are in the same class as and are analogous to "smokers rights." Those who love smoking think it makes them look tough and cool, while everyone else sees it as a ridiculous, deadly habit. My response to the barking about the infringement on the habit is the the same. Go ahead, play with your firestick, but do it in your designated area, and try not to blow it in other people's faces.

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