Silicone flexible pancake turner

The silicone rubber part of the OXO Good Grips flexible pancake turner ($11 on Amazon) has just the right amount of give. That, combined with a sharp edge, makes it perfect for flipping eggs, pancakes, and French toast. It's also very wide, which means I get to make large diameter pancakes just the way I like them.

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  1. daneel says:

    Big Silicone, we meet again.

  2. Sometimes I can't tell the difference between a neat thing and an advertisement for AMZ referral kickback.

    I guess that's the whole point?

    Disclaimer: I've purchased items via links from BB, and loved them.

  3. That's what HE said.

  4. You know that Amazon and whatever distributor is involved are going to take most of that.

    Amazon Associates get a few pennies for a sale like one of these.

  5. I mean, hey man, they're just trying to keep the station open.

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