Photo compares portable Mac from 25 years ago to one today

Ken Landau/CNET

On the left: a Colby Walkmac, "the first battery-operated Macintosh computer and first portable Mac with a LCD display."

"What will the next 25 years bring?" asks Clifford Pickover. My guess is the next one will be invisible.

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  1. Yeah, but the Macbook Air sucks at toasting sandwiches.

  2. I can think of a lot of reasons those wouldn't catch on in real life. No tactile feedback means it's a lot tricker to keep your fingers from wandering to the wrong keys. It's hard enough typing on a tablet touchscreen, and in that case you don't have the additional disadvantage of having to look down from the monitor to see what keys you're hitting. Also you'd be left with a "laptop" that wouldn't work on many kinds of surfaces—including your lap.

  3. mrtut says:

    You forgot the suitcase full of adaptors that goes with today's macbook.

    Counting in exponential growth, 2035's iLobe pro will be a mere brain plug that demands a minimum of 1337 adaptors, in series, to connect to just about anything.

  4. Yeah the fair comparison would be with this guy, which of course is still damn impressive:

  5. As clunky as that is, it's a far cry from this:

    (I actually had one of these, it was my first computer)

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