Scientists make transparent wood

Scientists at the University of Maryland, College Park, have developed see-through wood by removing the material that gives wood its yellowish color and then injecting the wood with epoxy to strengthen it. From CNN:

The "invisible" wood -- as Dr. Liangbing Hu of the University's Department of Material Science and Engineering describes it -- is sturdier than traditional wood, and can be used in place of less environmentally friendly materials, such as plastics.

Notable Replies

  1. How is filling wood with epoxy more environmentally friendly than straight-up plastic?

  2. With enough research grant money, the researchers can live in a better environment. This makes epoxy filled wood very environmentally friendly.

  3. atl says:

    We've got humpbacks in the San Francisco Bay and now this. I'm suspicious we're missing out on something.

  4. Anybody bump their head on something they couldn't see in Golden Gate Park recently?

  5. Great. Now we can't see the forrest or the trees.

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