What everyone earns working on a $200m blockbuster

Vanity Fair breaks down the individual incomes of people who work on a major Hollywood blockbuster. Assuming a budget of $200m, the breakdown is approximate but based upon average union rates and published figures. [YouTube]

Notable Replies

  1. Considering that a lot of the high paying jobs could take years to complete, and LA is damn expensive, it doesn't look that insane. And while it seems a little overkill to have say, six drivers, in the long run its probably better than letting Tom Cruise drive himself.

  2. It keeps him from bringing the Dianetics books to the set.

  3. And that, my dear friends, is why I turned down the role for Day Player #26.

  4. They're prop guns. They use blanks.

  5. You mean you wouldn't want the cars to be on...

    Cruise control?

    No. I'll show myself out, thank you.

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