Meet your robot gardener

The FarmBot Genesis is an open-source robot gardener for home food production. You design your mini-farm with their app and then the Raspberry Pi-powered robot handles the rest, from planting to watering, weeding to harvesting. The FarmBot Genesis sounds like the evolutionary descendant of Ken Goldberg and Joseph Santarromana's groundbreaking 1994 telerobotic artwork, the TeleGarden:


FarmBot Genesis:


Notable Replies

  1. Love it. Does it come with fickin' Lazer Beams to eliminate insect predators??

  2. In my capacity as not-a-lawyer-or-your-lawyer I'd advise you to be very careful with anything that has Intellectual Ventures' fingerprints on it; but their mosquito-terminating laser is pretty nifty.

    I imagine that, in the gardening case, the real challenge would be getting line of sight to all the various leaf surfaces; both for the tracking camera and to avoid shooting little laser holes in any leaves that block access to the target. Conventional diode lasers of no particular merit are now powerful enough to be lethal to insects however, so if you can get an ID and a clear shot it'd be pretty doable.

  3. Neat. Will I tear up a little when Bruce Dern is ordered to abandon it, leaving his robots behind to tend it? Does it come with an awful Joan Baez soundtrack? And do I have any topical references?

  4. This is cute, but ludicrous.

    The idea that you need a $3000 robot to grow a small garden is beyond absurd.

    I like it, but it's incrasingly annoying to see IoT devices which tell you when to water your plants.

    If you're not skilled enough to plant and water a garden, you're not going to be smart enough to maintain this robot, much less troubleshoot other garden problems.

    I love the effort, I just wish it was put into something actually useful instead of this absurdity.

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