See the even more terrifying all-electric Boston Dynamics android (video)

Boston Dynamics proudly shows off its new all-electric "the next generation of humanoid robots." AI has even come for my contortionist friends.

While I guessed that the old model ran on souls, it seems electric motors have replaced some hydraulics, making for a way more flexible and less leaky robot. Next up, watching C-beams glitter in the darkness near Tannhauser Gate.

We are unveiling the next generation of humanoid robots—a fully electric Atlas robot designed for real-world applications. The new Atlas builds on decades of research and furthers our commitment to delivering the most capable, useful mobile robots solving the toughest challenges in industry today: with Spot, with Stretch, and now with Atlas. Stay tuned to see what the world's most dynamic humanoid robot can really do—in the lab, in the factory, and in our lives.

Boston Dynamics

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