Donald and His Imaginary Publicist Prepare for a Debate

Tom the Dancing Bug 1307 donald and john debate prep

Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH Calvinist Donald and his Hobbesian publicist John Miller prepare for a debate in a cartoon world of their own making.

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Notable Replies

  1. The Dilbert and Pepe cameos were a nice touch.

  2. "[I don't pay taxes] because I was smart enough to lose a billion dollars!" is the most concise takedown of Donald's supposed business acumen I've seen yet.

  3. I do appreciate the peek into his 3 AM thought process -- his tweets make sense now.

  4. Watterson actually has expressed frustration at various groups stealing his art for those kinds of things, especially people who make money selling unauthorized Calvin & Hobbes merchandise. He's just powerless to do much about it.

    I think this comic is a completely different situation though. Ruben didn't steal Watterson's artwork or even his characters, he created new artwork in a parody that pays homage to Watterson's comic.

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