San Diego State University Tuition in 1959

Costs of attending San Diego State University in 1959

A resident student paid $41 (not sure if that's a year or semester). Adjusted for inflation, it's $340.


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  1. But did that include WIFI?

  2. I bet it's more now

  3. This is one reason why I am agreeing with the current out cry about tuition.

    My dad worked through college and paid for his.

    I got a few scholarships, worked through college to live, and used student loans to pay for my tuition. Those loans were modest but also still affect me today.

    Today one can work through school, barely have enough to live on, and get way more in debt than I did at that age.

    So, yeah, we need to fix some shit.

  4. Science faculty bring in millions in grant money and produce the next generation of scientific discoveries, as opposed to spending millions in donations toward sporting facilities and perks which do not support themselves.

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