Watch a master glassblower make an intricate dragon

In under an hour, glass artist James Mongrain transforms blobs of molten glass into a stunning green dragon. The choreographed teamwork, the variety of tools, and the interesting narration make this a real treat.


Via Corning Museum of Glass:

See master gaffer James Mongrain and our Hot Glass Demo team explore traditional Venetian and Italian forms during Mongrain's extended stay as a guest artist in our Amphitheater Hot Shop. In this demo, Mongrain makes the decorative glass animals used later in the week in his 2300° demo.


Bonus video: the dragon being affixed to the vase, accompanied by Wild Adriatic:

Guest Artist Demonstration: James Mongrain (YouTube / Corning Museum of Glass)

Notable Replies

  1. renke says:

    it is more fun to watch dabblers. can we have a video about a drunken glassblower with hiccups trying to make a dragon?

  2. Try this one – properly coordinated assistants do make a difference:

  3. Do I have to be the guy that points out that isn't a dragon?

    I figured I should get the pedantry out of the way. Sure it's technically a form of Wyvern, but no one should give a shit. I'm sure there are cultures with two legged sea dragons anyways even if dragons typically have four legs.

  4. Yes, you have to be that guy.

  5. Well, technically he doesn't HAVE to be that guy, but he IS that guy :wink:

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