What exactly is the Thin Blue Line bullet glass suggesting?

The Thin Blue Line Pint Glass [Benshot] and the .308 Authentic Solid Copper Projectile Whiskey Rocks Glass Engraved with Blue Line American Flag [Amazon] are items apparently intended to support the authoritarian mode of policing that imagines itself part of the U.S. flag while dividing it in two. But the addition of a bullet embedded into the design looks more like a violent suggestion than -- whatever it is they think it's saying. It works so well as a sharp anti-police statement that it's the perfect gift for the most adamant antifascist in your love circle.

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Gorgeous Keith Haring glass collection

I was able to inspect these K. Haring bubblers, rigs, water pipes, tasters, spoon pipes, glass trays, and catchalls up close and they are stunning, museum quality pieces. The prices range from $220 for the water pipe down to $30 for the taster. There's also a Bic lighter with the same Haring motif for $5. In the coming months the manufacturer will introduce three additional color designs featuring Haring's work. Read the rest

Candy-like glassware looks good enough to eat

Russian designer Liliya Gorbach makes delightful and brightly-colored glass boxes, plates, and wall art that could brighten up any room. Read the rest

Watch a master glassblower make an intricate dragon

In under an hour, glass artist James Mongrain transforms blobs of molten glass into a stunning green dragon. The choreographed teamwork, the variety of tools, and the interesting narration make this a real treat. Read the rest

Radioactive glassware and the collectors who love it

Collectors Weekly has a great gallery and profile of uranium-infused glassware from the early 20th century. They ask experts: is it safe, and why does it glow under UV light? Read the rest