Celebrities share their favorite moments from Obama’s presidency

Along with activists and everyday citizens, celebrities like Kerry Washington, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jerry Seinfeld, John Legend, Shonda Rhimes, Tom Hanks, Chance The Rapper, and Ellen DeGeneres share their favorite moments from Obama’s presidency in this new video released by The White House.

Notable Replies

  1. The fact that so many Americans hate Obama so vociferously is why I think this country is pretty much screwed for another few generations. I can understand how liberals might be pissed at him for not being liberal enough, but when I hear from conservatives how he was a dictator, or how Obamacare is communism, or how he divided this country by promoting anti-white racism, I don't even know how to respond. My only reply is to ask for examples, and they invariably bring up stuff that was promoted on Fox News that maybe can be called opinion, but is really just willful misrepresentation, including stuff you find debunked on snopes.com or fact-check.org.

    Even if you hate his politics I don't see how you can hate the man, he seems genuinely honest and intelligent and sometimes even witty.

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