Viva Amiga! Watch a documentary about the best computer

The Commodore Amiga, ahead of its time and murdered by corporate mismanagement, etc., remains in fairly common use thanks to an enthusiast community and sheer physical longevity. And now a documentary is here so everyone can know how totally awesome it is, reports Ars Technica's Jeremy Reimer.

Viva Amiga is a wonderful look at the the history of the platform, the people who built it, and the users who loved it. The opening title says it all: "One Amazing Computer. One chance to save the company. One chance to win the PC wars." This message sets the stage nicely for a dramatic and passionate tale.

The trailer's embedded above and you can watch the whole thing on Amazon and other platforms. It's just an hour long so there are no excuses. I'm hitting it right now and will begin reviewing retired engineers' haircuts and Hawaiian shirts forthwith.

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  1. murdered by corporate mismanagement

    Good title to a song...

  2. Hello Everyone,

    I watched Viva Amiga unfold in terms of the production end of things over the last few years.

    The documentary is a fantastically acceptable viewpoint on Amiga computers and their legacy.

    Zach Weddington and I did an interview on Viva Amiga before Christmas, which is located here:

    [soundcloud url="" params="visual=false&show_artwork=true&maxheight=166" width="100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

    Please show the podcast some social media love by reposting and retweeting. it is great to help promote this community driven film where possible.

    Episode 6 also includes an interview with Dave Needle, who went on to co-design the Atari Lynx and 3DO console with RJ Mical after he left Commodore.

    The article I wrote on the Amiga and its legacy can also be found here:

    Always great to see the cultural memory linked to Amiga technologies is still strong!

  3. Does your computer have a graphics coprocessor? Thanks, Amiga!
    Does your computer have a sound card? Thanks, Amiga!
    Any other co-processors to offload common tasks like I/O? Thanks Amiga!

    When IBM was putting 16 colors on the screen,
    and Apple was still black and white,
    Amiga was painting with 4,096 colors.

    Full preemptive multitasking.

    AREXX, a Basic like programming language that used other applications like functions, puts AppleScript to shame. There was even a compiler for it! I remember writing an AREXX program that would take output from a spreadsheet program, use the values in an array of cells to color an image, and then map it into 3D and spin it around and add it to a video.

    Ah, fond memories of my 2000 & 4000.

    One of the few TV ads I ever saw for the Amiga, instead of talking about "modernizing" traditional activities like using spreadsheets for doing payrolls or using a text editor to enter your recipies, was focused instead of doing things at home that you could never even imagine before. Want to be a musician and create an album? You can! Want to make a movie? You can!

    And the people involved...

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