Turns out the Amiga was powerful enough to run DOOM after all!

The Commodore Amiga wowed with its spectacular graphics in the mid-1980s, but by the mid-1990s its lack of upgrades and aging CPU ceded the 3D gaming revolution to Windows PCs. As John Carmack famous wrote, "the Amiga is not powerful enough to run DOOM." He's been proven wrong enough—albeit only after thirty years of development effort. Behold Grind, a first-person shooter for the Amiga 500.

'Dread' has been featured many times on Indie Retro News, as with every new update the Amiga 500 version looked better than ever with fabulous new textures and new zones to visit. Well if you're looking for more gaming news on this upcoming first person shooter, we have not only been informed that a new demo has been made available, but the latest footage and detailed press release shows that John is true to his word in bringing a Doom-like experience to the Amiga as the holy-grail of Amiga gaming! So without further-ado, here's the latest blurb about this incredible looking game.

The team:

"Lately the Grind team has grown as various, well-known coders have joined to help with the game's production: Namely BSzili (known for his Amiga ports of Dark Forces, Exhumed, Blood, Shadow Warrior, Blake Stone and others) who's handling the Amiga version and coder Kabuto from the demogroup Titan, looking at a possible Mega Drive version as well! Worth noting is that this latest Patreon-only binary release also included an Atari ST version (though it's not ready for a public showcase yet as it misses key features)." 

Check out the Patreon page.

I like how the game isn't just a exact Doom clone, but observes one of the three classic Amiga aesthetics: the burnished metallic Dan Malone/Mark John Coleman look of Bitmap Brothers games. (The others are the lurid gradients look and the Roger Dean/Rodney Matthews Psygnosis look; the Bitmap Brothers look was the look that didn't come with airy flute music.)