This teddy bear is the hardest working waiter in Japan

Tumblr user Svzannebrown shared this utterly delightful video, noting that it’s “all that anyone needs to know” about her time in Japan.

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  1. My 21 month daughter responds far better to her animal friends than me or her mother at this point. She'll pretty much do anything they tell her to/help her do, including going potty, eating dinner, getting dressed, brushing teeth this is pretty much my life. I never thought to put "accomplish daily tasks as a non-puppet stuffed animal" on the old resume as a skill, but I guess if I ever find myself as an ex-pat in Japan...

  2. "Why did you try to rob the bank, kid?"

    "Teddy told me. Teddy said to give the lady the note and put the money in the bag and then we can go for ice cream..."

  3. That is terribly adorable. I'd love some context, like.. is this done on request for customers? Was the server just having a bit of fun with someone's stuffed animal? Either way, it's very endearing.

  4. This is Kagaya, an Izakaya in Tokyo.

    A google image search will show you that this sort of behavior is fairly standard. For example, when I visited a few years ago we were asked when ordering drinks in which countries style we would like to have them served. Having chosen French, the owner returned with an easel and a beret, and proceeded to draw one of our party.

    Highly recommended!

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