These are the Chinese bros who make bras and underwear

This short documentary by Enric Ribes and Oriol Martínez is titled Xiong Di, which translates in English to "brother" or, according to the directors, "fellas."

"I repeat the same things every day,” says Qu Maomao, 27. “Same clothes, same place, same process." (Dazed)

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  1. “Same clothes, same place, same process."

    I feel your pain Bro...

  2. "I understand you're now working on an exclusive line of TRUMP brand underwear."

    "Yes, we are honored to have been chosen to produce this totally excellent suite of quality undergarments. The first batch goes out today."

    "Boxers or briefs?"


  3. First Ch-eye-na stole our jobs, and now they're taking our ennui! And we stole that from France fair and square!

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